Why I am writing an ebook about Password Security

And why you should take the extra step to protect your most valuable information

Gisele Muller Sasso
3 min readJan 3, 2022


We like to identify problems that need a solution over here. My husband and I constantly talk about fixing this or that issue.

In one of our conversations, we started talking about passwords and how many people struggle to manage them and keep them safe. From parents and relatives to friends, we heard all sorts of tales of poor password choices and the good old writing passwords down somewhere to avoid forgetting them.

Besides cringing each time I heard someone telling me their password was a childhood nickname/important date mix, I saw an opportunity. Since I also had my issues with password safety before using a password manager, I realized I could help people out by explaining in an easy way why safe passwords are crucial and why we all need to take this matter seriously.

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Do you know how many logins/passwords an average user has to deal with regularly? About 100. From bank accounts to social media, email to streaming services, and much more, we have about 100 logins and passwords we use. And by the pace things keep evolving, I don’t see us changing that reality anytime soon, especially for the average user.

If you are tuned into technology and what is happening online, you probably know the value of your data and have your password/personal data security figured out. But if you are still unsure about how vital credentials are and have one easy to remember — often easy to crack — password that you use and reuse for most logins, you are at a greater risk of getting hacked.

In 2021 data breaches increased about 85%, reaching an astounding 1,291 breaches. From emails to mailing addresses, credit card information to SSN, and more, these breaches gave those affected a lot of headaches.

A simple Google search will show you that the most common password is 123456. And no, this is not a joke. In 2021 alone, 103,170,552 users worldwide used 123456 as their primary password. And since we are on this topic, and because it amazes me, let me throw it out there that 20,958,297 users had password as their main password. Mind-blowing, I know.

But I won’t get into too many technicalities here. I just want to explain why I got so interested in writing an ebook that explains why our credentials are important and why we need to do our best to keep our information safe.

Imagine a world where you have all of your passwords and personal information safely organized in one place? Somewhere where you can save logins, passwords, credit cards, documents, and any other important piece of information that is valuable to you. A place where you can retreat your information as needed in different devices and browsers? That place exists, and it is called a password manager.

Password managers are life-saver encrypted digital vaults. They will generate solid and reliable passwords for you, besides storing all personal info you choose to store. So forget about your go-to nickname and birthday combo and start generating bulletproof passwords. And even if you feel overwhelmed about learning how to use a new tool, give password managers a try. Once you go over the learning curve, you will never look back.

Among the many benefits of using PMs (Password Managers) is the option of sharing your credentials with family members. You can easily set up personal vaults and shared ones, this way, you and your spouse can share bank account and other essential logins.

So, going back to why I am writing this ebook, I feel like many users still need a little push to change their ways and start taking password security more seriously. And if I can help, why not?

I’m finishing up the ebook, and you will be able to purchase it in February. But I will keep updating you here and giving you more information about why you need to take the extra step to keep your credentials safe. You can thank me later.

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